A High Roller Pod

When you approach the promenade where the High Roller is, you can walk directly underneath the pods which are much larger than I thought they were. I guess they need a net under the pod to catch the drunk tourists trying to get into or out of the pods! It takes thirty minutes to go around one revolution and will set you back $34.50 for adults in the evening. That’s a bit ridiculous, isn’t it? And get this, the pods have no toilets! Will you pay that much money for the beautiful view? Disclaimer, I’ve never ridden the thing because it scares me too much to be in a pod attached to a gigantic bicycle when at 500 feet in the air! What do you do when nature calls? I’ll keep my feet on the ground.

4 thoughts on “A High Roller Pod

  1. I don’t do heights. Back when my husband was still alive we went somewhere and he talked me into this giant double ferriswheel. By the time we got off the ride I was a nervous wreck. Terror takes away any bit of enjoyment there was supposed to be.

    • I’m not sure when it was built Marcus but it’s fairly new. The wind is gusting to 50mph this afternoon, I bet they closed that ride!

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