The Trike, The Wheel

The trike biker and the Linq Wheel, both photos that were taken in 2018. I was a baby the last time I rode a trike! Speaking of wheels, I thought last night to call my insurance agent regarding the Pedego bike. It turns out that the bike has to be insured on its own policy like a car or truck. I’m going to go ahead and insure it because this is a fairly sizeable investment. Nobody wants to lose anything without having it insured, right? Today is Mediterranean Fan Palm pruning day, I prune this one tree once per year and only during the cooler months as recommended by those in the know.

The other photo was taken at the base of the Linq Wheel on the Vegas Strip.

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    • Thanks, I think so considering the investment. I won’t say how much but it’s more than non-powered bikes cost to some degree.

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