Had Enough of Insurance Ads?

The worst insurance ad on TV is easily the Liberty Liberty Liberty ads that remain the same yet change slightly. The Gekko ads seriously need to be pulled… What is the point of ads that are repeated insanely year after year in the case of Liberty? Subliminal messages? Or, just to piss people off… 😂

13 thoughts on “Had Enough of Insurance Ads?

    • I watch a very few programs and always use the mute button to shut the moronic commercials up. the mute button is the one thing the advertisers can’t control. It’s bad enough that they all go to commercials at the same time, what bunch of dooky…

  1. The Medicare sign-up advertisements surpassed the insurance advertisements in obnoxiousness matched or surpassed only by the medicine advertisements. How many times did I sit down to eat breakfast to watch the news only to see some advertisement where an animated turd passed through an animated intestine or a chorus sang a song about diarrhea and other digestive complaints? I gagged every time the one about the device to clean out one’s sinuses came on. Oh, and let’s show adolescent skin care products, especially the one where they pull off the strip to show all the blackhead debris it removed from the skin. That one is especially wonderful for gagging me every time.

    • Wow Doug, you’ve suffered so much as I have! It seems that these companies make these ads to be irritating on purpose and it’s ludicrous. Why no public demand to stop this bullshit? Oh, Limu Emu and Doug just came on for the ten millionth time! 🤬🤮

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