It’s Gravy Time!

Since I’ve never made my own gravy, I just ordered some from Amazon, thanks to Amazon for the fast delivery! And, no porch pirates were in sight to steal my gravy. Have you ever heard of Wavy Gravy? He’s a clown from back in the days when I was a kid and he’s apparently still around. Anyway, I have two dishes in mind that would be much tastier with some turkey gravy on them. Do you ever suddenly crave gravy? I’ve loved gravy since I was a child! A 3 pack of gravy!

11 thoughts on “It’s Gravy Time!

  1. Yes, gravy is good on many things! I always make my own so I have just enough, but the idea of bottled gravy makes sense when one wants a specific kind without having to make the whole turkey, say, to get the flavor of gravy made with turkey pan juices.

    • Good idea, Doug. My mother always made her own and wow was it sooo delicious! She was always so modest about her own cooking but she was a fantastic cook and wife for dad!

      • It’s easy to do. I always got the job on holidays since my mother, while her gravy tasted really good, always had lumps. She was convinced she couldn’t make it, though the solution was simple.

  2. Hmm, I have never head of this gravy before and it’s probably delicious. I love gravy with mash potatoes 🙂

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