They Made The Desert Bloom

This is a large plaque located at Hoover Dam that honors those who died during the construction of this beautiful dam so that people can live and thrive here. And so that people like me can run a photoblog here and share the city and the beautiful Mojave Desert with you.

10 thoughts on “They Made The Desert Bloom

    • I watched a program on how the dam was built on TV last night which got me digging into my archive. I really should drive down there again, it’s been a long time thanks to the damn virus.

            • Ha, me too after three freaking divorces, Doug! It’s been nearly seven years since the last divorce and I have yet to be on a date with a gal! Honestly, I just can’t bring myself to trust women anymore which is sad but it is what it is.

              I made plenty of mistakes in those marriages and freely admit this but I am not completely responsible for the demise. Single is simple, cheaper and much more enjoyable.

              I don’t need or want someone telling me that we need this or that and that we need to go here and there. It’s too costly for one thing!

              • I suspect I’m somewhat the same, though I never went through a divorce. I just cut relationships short when they got to the stage where I felt manipulated.

    • Thanks! It’s absolutely amazing that this damn was built with the technology they had at the time, a showcase of American ingenuity and determination! I need to get back down there, it’s about an hour ride is all. I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas! 🙏🏻❤️

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