Blue Water, Blue Sky

Well, the gray sky has finally left the valley and I hope it stays the heck away for a while. Day after day of gray makes John a dull boy! Happy hump day folks, I have a couple of things to get done today including a tech coming by to work on my alarm system and install a better camera on the front of the house. I’ll be able to hear you now! My weather app says that the clouds will be back later today but not like the last three days, I sure hope not. Partly sunny and 46 degrees today, can we please have our 100+ degree weather back? Ten years here has spoiled me in terms of wonderful weather.

2 thoughts on “Blue Water, Blue Sky

    • I had to check online for the conversion, that’s around 15F. Cold! And I think Vegas is cold? 15 to 32F seems to be when we got the heaviest snows in Michigan, great time for we snowmobilers!

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