Cloudy Mountains

After picking up my medication from the pharmacy, I decided on a whim to have a drive west to the usual places I photograph to capture the clouds hugging the peaks, Please pardon the redundancy of these photos? The Nikon Z50 did a darn nice job capturing the beautiful colors and the clouds up there this morning, do you agree? It’s still so cold though at around forty-five degrees. Cold for this desert rat anyway! I’ll be glad when it’s warm enough for a bike ride…

9 thoughts on “Cloudy Mountains

    • Thanks, Annmarie! I’ve been driving on icy roads for almost 44 years until I moved down here. It’s dangerous and I don’t miss it.

    • Thank you, Anneli! I saw the clouds touching the peaks from the pharmacy, decided to take the several mile drive west to get outta town.

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