Just A Spit Of Snow

Just a bit of snow up there just under the clouds that wasn’t there yesterday. I don’t have a telephoto lens at the moment so the 50mm zoom will have to do. Today wasn’t very eventful, the big excitement was the security system tech changing one outdoor camera to a better one, and fixing some glitches in the system. All set.

9 thoughts on “Just A Spit Of Snow

  1. You caught those clouds right down on the mountain.

    The snow here has pretty much melted except for shady areas. Who know what the weather will throw at us this winter?

    • Thanks sooo much, Anneli! The first photo is unaltered sans the watermark and resizing. I do need to pick up a reasonably-priced telephoto lens for this body which is still the Z model. Z = Zed. 😬

    • Perhaps, but it’s in a different location. Now that Christmas has passed, I don’t expect any packages. Pirates suck!

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