Winding Into Calico Basin

I managed a six-mile bike ride this afternoon, it was nice to get out again but even wearing layers it’s still a bit too chilly.

13 thoughts on “Winding Into Calico Basin

  1. I even don’t want to go out today, it’s freezing cold and here you are riding a bike and taking fantastic photographs. I am waiting when the weather would be warmer and I would be able to get on the field.

    • Oh they are, Annmarie, this place is around five or so miles west of the city. The roads here vary from two-lanes away from downtown, to four lane highways and more. The traffic here would wig you out as we used to say!

      • No doubt. We have divided highways but only two lanes each way and that is only our major highways. We did take a memorable drive on the 401 from Niagara Falls to northern Ontario. (Through Toronto). Dan was driving and I was supposed to be navigating. Except, I accidentally smashed the GPS. I found a map but had no idea where we were. Somehow we made it to his sister’s cottage – but not before I was definitely wigged out. 😂

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