Blue Water, Blue Sky

Well, the gray sky has finally left the valley and I hope it stays the heck away for a while. Day after day of gray makes John a dull boy! Happy hump day folks, I have a couple of things to get done today including a tech coming by to work on my alarm system and install a better camera on the front of the house. I’ll be able to hear you now! My weather app says that the clouds will be back later today but not like the last three days, I sure hope not. Partly sunny and 46 degrees today, can we please have our 100+ degree weather back? Ten years here has spoiled me in terms of wonderful weather.

It’s Gravy Time!

Since I’ve never made my own gravy, I just ordered some from Amazon, thanks to Amazon for the fast delivery! And, no porch pirates were in sight to steal my gravy. Have you ever heard of Wavy Gravy? He’s a clown from back in the days when I was a kid and he’s apparently still around. Anyway, I have two dishes in mind that would be much tastier with some turkey gravy on them. Do you ever suddenly crave gravy? I’ve loved gravy since I was a child! A 3 pack of gravy!

Lake Mead From Above

Here are some iPhone photos that were taken from an airliner heading to or from Michigan. You can easily see the white bathtub ring along the shoreline indicating just how terribly low Lake Mead is getting. One photo was taken while driving Lake Mead Boulevard, I love flying and wish I had reason to get aloft more often! On a side note and if you are interested, my new Pedego bicycle is now fully insured for theft or other loss. I won’t say what the bike’s actual cost is, but it is sufficient to warrant the bike being fully insured as though it were a car or truck. Protect what is yours, always!

The Big Bus

Have you ever been toted about like this? Made to feel like the tourist that you are? How embarrassing! On another note, it’s about 40 degrees outside and overcast. Now, did I return home from Michigan recently, or is this just a joke? The next few days have a chance of rain each day with unseasonably low temperatures. It’s much warmer down in Fort Myers, Florida, perhaps I should have risked losing everything to a hurricane in order to stay warm? No, bad idea!

A High Roller Pod

When you approach the promenade where the High Roller is, you can walk directly underneath the pods which are much larger than I thought they were. I guess they need a net under the pod to catch the drunk tourists trying to get into or out of the pods! It takes thirty minutes to go around one revolution and will set you back $34.50 for adults in the evening. That’s a bit ridiculous, isn’t it? And get this, the pods have no toilets! Will you pay that much money for the beautiful view? Disclaimer, I’ve never ridden the thing because it scares me too much to be in a pod attached to a gigantic bicycle when at 500 feet in the air! What do you do when nature calls? I’ll keep my feet on the ground.

The Trike, The Wheel

The trike biker and the Linq Wheel, both photos that were taken in 2018. I was a baby the last time I rode a trike! Speaking of wheels, I thought last night to call my insurance agent regarding the Pedego bike. It turns out that the bike has to be insured on its own policy like a car or truck. I’m going to go ahead and insure it because this is a fairly sizeable investment. Nobody wants to lose anything without having it insured, right? Today is Mediterranean Fan Palm pruning day, I prune this one tree once per year and only during the cooler months as recommended by those in the know.

The other photo was taken at the base of the Linq Wheel on the Vegas Strip.

A Fountain With Prostate Issues

Good Monday morning, folks. I hope that your Christmas and weekend were a great time with family and loved ones! Honestly, I am glad that the madhouse is over for another season regarding the ludicrous commercialism and consumerism shown on every single TV channel and radio station. Americans have nearly forgotten what the Christmas season is actually all about. Notice the first six letters in the word Christmas? Christ is the reason for the season.

The floundering fountain was photographed yesterday with the iPhone. The fountain normally shoots much more water from all sides but is currently having prostate issues as there is a hole on one side of the fountain in the dirt with a board over it. Prostate surgery, LOL! I hope you have a wonderful new week and are looking forward to 2022 where I believe that America will get a firm handle on this virus and its variants. Please, oh please people, get vaccinated soon!

Not a good forecast, I want our summer heat back!

Breakwater Drive at Diamond Bay

These iPhone photos were taken yesterday afternoon before the windstorm blew into town late evening. This is a gated community and a very high-dollar community for sure, too rich for me! The entrance is fancy and nice to look at anyway… I’d love to get a ride in today but it’s too windy and the daytime temps are going to drop into the 40s next week which freaking sucks. What the hell, am I back in Michigan? It’s a comfortable 74 degrees inside though.