The Big Blue Sky

I decided to head out for a quick bike ride which turned into a twelve-mile ride. A sweet day to ride actually so I’m glad I headed out. Today has been beautiful with low sixties, not much wind, and that beautiful sunshine. I have a few more photos from today’s ride coming up.

My Pedego

These iPhone photos were taken yesterday during what turned out to be a rather short ride, there’s more to the story but I won’t bother you with it. Sunshine and sixty-one degrees are happening right now in Las Vegas and I am not feeling like a ride today. It’s a lazy day and I have everything I need here so I’m going to make today another couch potato day! Maybe I’ll have a short drive in the truck later… Happy Sunday to you!

While On Errands

Just four photos from early today while taking care of business on Sahara Avenue. I gave up on the bike ride today since it’s very windy which adds to the wind chill factor. In about four months it’ll be warming toward the summer scorcher temperatures. How will riding in 110F weather be?