Vegas Sunrise

Good Monday Morning, people. This set of iPhone photos began at 6:15 this morning not long after I rolled out of bed. Since the Nikon Z50 only has a 50mm zoom, I seem to be using the iPhone much more for the last week or more. Time for a telephoto lens but only if one is available thanks to the virus. Partly cloudy and 63 degrees are in the forecast for Las Vegas today, will gladly take that!

Thai Larb Chicken

This was my lunch today with my new biking friend. I’ve never had Thai food before and man on man was this so delicious! So spicy, it left my lips and tongue scorched which I love. My friend had (I don’t know the name) but it’s spinach with batter on it and it was sooo delicious too!

It came with a very thin chili sauce for dipping which was also very spicy. I’m sold and will visit this restaurant again not because the food is delicious, but it’s also a “mom and pop” restaurant which I always want to support. We ate outside on the patio, but the interior of this place is very beautifully decorated. Yum!

1969 Dodge Charger

While I was waiting for my friend to show up to go biking together, I noticed that there was an old car gathering going on so I grabbed the iPhone and snapped these photos of this gorgeous 1969 Dodge Charger. I would love to drive this beautiful car, complete with manual transmission too. I have several more photos of other cars to upload later. What a great day it has been! Temperatures in the low 60s and not a cloud in the sky, yay!

45 Degree Palm Tree

It’s too cold this morning! I have no new content so I just took the iPhone to the backyard and snapped the palm tree with the beautiful blue sky. The other photo is the glass block window seen in negative in the kitchen which shows the age of my home which is 26 years. Sunny and 63F is the forecast for Las Vegas today but it will cool down just a bit the next few days. I’m excited for the warmer weather to return, remember those 11oF days seen on this blog?

A Desert Golf Course

I’ve never played golf but did try it years ago and found that I have a terrible slice to the right! Oh well. Golf courses look a bit different here than those you see elsewhere. The nicely maintained grass is surrounded by the natural desert floor, complete with creosote bushes and cacti. Those pants were creepy to come across. I was looking for a place to get a shot of the golf course and saw them laying at my feet. What the hell! I did 13 miles on this beautiful sunny day in Las Vegas.