Ducks, A Church and Cormorants

Just a few more photos from today’s chilly bike ride, it was worth bundling up to get those 11 miles in on a sunny day.

5 thoughts on “Ducks, A Church and Cormorants

  1. I love Cormorants! One of my favourites to photograph, it looks cold down there but I’d take it over our minus something Celsius! lol

    • It surprises me too, Derrick, I have four layers on, and I wore long pants too which is something I never do but it made the ride comfortable enough to keep going. I am used to a much warmer climate in my opinion, so 45F was very cold.

    • That’s a great point, Cindy! I never considered that these birds usually prefer a much different aquatic environment. These are man-made lakes if I didn’t already mention that. Apparently, the water is more than clean enough and safe for the waterfowl and other aviators who frequent these little oasis’s in the Mojave Desert. ❤️

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