14 Miles Later

It’s just a bit warmer today so I was able to get a few more miles in and also wanted to push the battery a little harder too. There is basically no breeze today which was a big help. I took the bike off-road for the first time by riding around Lone Mountain on the dirt trail which is just dry sand and little stones trail. I am confident that the bike can make a twenty-mile ride with no trouble but it needs a good clean-up this afternoon. More photos coming.

7 thoughts on “14 Miles Later

  1. So beautiful… I wished to be there and I ride my bike too, Bravo dear John, you are doing great. Thank you, Love, nia

  2. Of the 14 miles, what percentage of those were using the actual electric motor? I don’t understand exactly how the bike works. Never had one or even read about one except yours! Help me out John please!

    • Well, honestly I use the electric motor for the assist very often. eBikes are heavier than regular bikes for obvious reasons so I find it a bit harder to ride when not twisting the throttle just a wee bit to assist me.

      But, that’s also the idea of the bike is to let the motor (in the rear hub on this bike) assist you as you move along. The throttle is on the right side of the handlebar which is normal, like a motorcycle or snowmobile.

      If you squeeze either brake lever, the motor assist is cut off. Cranking the pedals also activates the motor as there is a sensor built into the crank housing that senses when you are pedaling.

      The braking system is mechanical and uses actual brake pads like a car does but of course very small but they are VERY effective in stopping the bike. Some bikes have hydraulic brakes.

      Unlike car brakes, these rotors make a lot of noise when they get contaminated with dust and other grime. The solution is to use rubbing alcohol on the rotors after each ride.

      This removes the grime and other contaminates from the rotors which will quiet the brakes down almost 100%. Rubbing alcohol leaves no residue that will make the brakes noisy.

      There is more to operating a bike like this than a standard bike! I decided a few days ago to call my insurance agent to get this bike fully insured because of the cost. Done!

    • We sure do, especially this time of year. I saw two other eBikes while out there today, they are easy to spot. It will be interesting to see how the bike and battery perform next summer when its 110 degrees!

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