A Little Waterfall At The Park

I forgot about this video and one other on my phone, so here is the first one. Running water is so relaxing, isn’t it?

15 thoughts on “A Little Waterfall At The Park

      • Water often is an attraction for animals. We used to see deer on the beach and they never seem to think that danger could come from the water side (we were in a skiff just offshore). Danger comes from the land, but the water was safe. Also, the sound of running water seems to have a calming effect on birds. Don’t know why that is.

        • Maybe because we all need water to survive? The deer see no threat on the water but a hunter would have an easy shot.

          • That’s right. They worry more about what’s coming at them from the land side. But shooting from a skiff is not easy either with the waves bobbing you up and down. I agree about the idea of water being so necessary to life – the sound is associated with relief when you’re thirsty.

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