Sleepy Ducks

The long line of ducks at the pond’s edge is a very popular place for all of these sleeping cuties. I approached them very slowly yet most of the ducks stood up and began a chorus of quacking up and down the line of ducks. OK then, I turned right and walked away from them, they settled down quickly.

Apparently, hoomans are not allowed within a 50-foot radius! I need to pick up a telephoto lens for the Z50 but calling around yesterday, and checking online showed that there is a serious shortage of lenses and other camera equipment out there. This is also the case at my grocery store where the supply chain is also weak due to Covid.

Let’s hope and pray that this virus has a sharp decline in this new year. Sunshine and 57F are on tap for today in Las Vegas, arming to 61F tomorrow which sounds great! Right now, 100F summer heat sounds very good.

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