Today’s Bike Ride

Today I rode to a different area further south than usual and explored a paved walking, jogging trail that is located in a wash. You don’t want to be in a wash when there are rain showers or big storms nearby, you’ll be in danger of being swept away. Here is the first set of photos. Sunshine and a temperature in the low 60s made today’s ride an even better experience by wearing fewer clothes and riding a different area.

12 thoughts on “Today’s Bike Ride

    • It’s crazy! I saw an ad from a company here that was actively seeking people to use their own car and be paid to drive to people’s homes to collect the poop. I guess it’s a niche that needs to be filled! Such a poopy job, eh? 😂

    • I dunno but I have seen ads for them on job sites. People want people to pick up their dog’s poop while they are away. A very shitty job! 😂

  1. I am certainly glad that they have that warning sign, although I think the warning should be more adamant. Flash floods are incredibly dangerous and come literally with no warning.

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