How It Used To be

Some days I so wish that the clock could be rolled back several decades to what I see as a better, vanished time. The world was somewhat friendlier, people had respect for each other, and children like myself actually went outside and played with the other neighborhood kids. We built tree forts, underground forts, rode our bikes everywhere together, and even built our own bikes! today’s world is not the world in which I grew up in… What happened?

I’m getting a late start on the blog this morning as my garage door lift gave up yesterday, a brand new system was installed this morning very early. The old system was thirteen-years-old and lived a good life but all things end. 😂

19 thoughts on “How It Used To be

  1. I completely agree. I feel sorry for my nieces and nephews, even more so during the pandemic when they’re cooped up indoors. While they have more fancy toys, they’re not getting the same experiences we did when we were young to just be kids, make mistakes, play outdoors, and get messy.

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