Freshly Made!

This beautiful new pot of chili was built by yours truly early this morning. For this pot of chili, I used two cans of Ro-Tel, two cans of seasoned diced tomatoes, three cans of kidney beans with spicy sauce, one small can of tomato sauce and 2/3 can of tomato paste to thicken the chili up. Also in the mix are three Serrano peppers and one white onion. This is strictly my own recipe that I occasionally change just a bit which this time is using the Serrano peppers. Oh, I also add one packet of powdered HOT chili mix. This pot of chili should keep the bedsheets floating over the bed all night!

12 thoughts on “Freshly Made!

    • Thanks, Maja! I had a bowl a bit ago, I made this pot a bit too hot, my tongue was burning! Too many Siranno peppers. šŸ”„

    • I stopped adding meat a while back, it’s better with meat but i need to cut the fat out of the chili. I’ve only tried teaspoons so far but it’s good!

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