Biker Bar

This photo is from 2018 on one of my joyrides, I may have been heading to Pahrump. Getting to the Mountain Springs Saloon is easy by taking Blue Diamond Road west out of Las Vegas and heading up the 5000-foot pass which is where this hole-in-the-wall bar is located. I went inside just once to use the men’s room and was not impressed.

The place is really small, and the bathroom was nasty, complete with naked women photos on the walls along with phone numbers and yucky-ness. Sorry, whoever you are that owns this place, but you really need to clean it up! Not all biker bars are shitholes… Sunshine and 59F are on tap for today which is right around a normal temperature for January.

I’m taking a day or two off from bike riding as my backside is a bit sore from too much time in the saddle!

9 thoughts on “Biker Bar

  1. Im guessing bikers go there for the actual ride up, not the girly pics in the toilet. You captured the exterior of the place nicely at least 🙂

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