The Light Splits The Dark

Just a random photo I took with the new Nikon Z50 when I first got it. This is the lamp in my living room. It’s been a busy day here for me, I’ve cleaned my truck inside and out, cleaned up the front yard, and did some paint touchup in the garage. When the new garage door lift system was installed the other day, the wall switch was replaced which left an unpainted surface that now looks perfect. A bit of laundry was done too, welcome to bachelor life!

Light Splits Dark

11 thoughts on “The Light Splits The Dark

  1. Great capture. Sounds like you’ve been productive. I did a bunch of cleaning yesterday when I put away my Christmas decorations and dragged our Christmas tree to the curb (which of course made a huge mess). It feels very satisfying to have everything all cleaned up though. Hope you managed to get some rest and relaxation afterwards.

    • Thanks, I did feel pooped out afterwards! I remember stepping on tree needles long after Christmas, the needles get caught in the carpet. Ouch! I am a Minimalist and don’t keep things I don’t need and don’t decorate for Christmas since divorcing number three, the final one! 😂

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