He’s Coming Home!

Good Monday morning, friends! My father has been in the hospital for nearly a week down in Florida for reasons I won’t mention, but I am so grateful that my sister is there to be with him. Our family has been having a wonderful group text all morning about dad/grandpa finally getting out of the hospital. Dad is 93 years young and is one tough man, nothing stops him from moving forward in life! Fifty-nine degrees and mostly sunny is our forecast today, I’ll take it! I chose these older photos for this morning as for me, the blue sky represents the joy of my dad going home today!

32 thoughts on “He’s Coming Home!

    • Thank you! He’s home and slowly getting his energy back. I hope to fly down there to spend a few days with hime.

    • Indeed, I spoke with him a bit ago on the phone, so glad to be home! I’m gonna see about taking a flight down there to see him again, don’t want to wait for spring when he’s back in Michigan.

    • Thanks! He is home now, gonna call him soon. I’ve been in the hospital a few times in 61 years, it’s always sooo good to be back home!

  1. This is great news, I am so glad to hear this dear John, My Best wishes for you all, I hope he get recover soon at home. Blue always so beautiful dear John, Thank you, Love, nia

  2. Best wishes for your dad’s speedy recovery. We need to enjoy this beautiful weather as the summer heat isn’t that far away.

    • Good morning, Leah, it sure is! Me so happy! I’m glad that your feeling better and can be back blogging, I appreciate you stopping by my blog so much! ❀️

      • I’m far from well yet John, but I can get around the web a bit more. I don’t have the computer with me, only the phone, so can’t actually blog.

  3. That’s great news John, I hope your dad can recover now at home. I wish him all the best.
    Take good care for him. I lost my dad when he was 49.

    • Thanks so much, Rudi! I am so sorry that you lost your father at such a young age. A big hug for you from far away, my friend. πŸ™πŸ»

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