Green Tines

This photo was taken about three weeks ago outside of the city near Red Rock Canyon with the Nikon Z50. Today’s weather will be very nice with 61F and full sunshine, another good day for a bike ride. I spoke with my dad yesterday afternoon and am happy to report that he is so glad to be home and relax in his own space. I’ve been in the hospital several times, there’s no place like home for sure! I’ve never had a meal in a hospital that was actually good, have you?

12 thoughts on “Green Tines

    • Thank you, Leah, I spoke with dad this morning, he’s feeling fine but said I need to wait to fly down to hang out with him until he’s a bit better. Bummer! Florida in winter is more tolerable for a guy who’s used to extreme low desert humidity!

    • Hey, I haven’t seen you around for a long time, I hope you and yours are well. I just followed your Instagram. Thanks, I do love this beautiful desert!

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