iPhone Photos of Today’s Ride

It has been such a beautiful, sunny day that I had to get out of the house and down the road on the bike. I rode just under fourteen miles today and went to the park then on further west. The Vegas Strip wasn’t looking too smoggy so I managed to get a decent photo of it which is amazing considering it’s a phone camera. How was your day?

The aircraft is a military craft from Nellis AFB

13 thoughts on “iPhone Photos of Today’s Ride

    • You betcha! Thanks, Anita, I actually feel sad or grumpy when the sun isn’t beaming down that vitamin D… 😂🌞🔥🌴

    • Very clear for a change, the valley is often smoggy. The city is a stark contrast the the colors of the desert for sure!

      • What actually causes the smog in LasVegas John? A particular business or just traffic? I expect temperature inversions and still air trap it there but I wouldn’t think gambling would cause it 😉

        • It’s the cars and trucks plus the surrounding mountains. Your car must pass the emissions test once per year, or your registration won’t be renewed until car is repaired. The county is very strict about this!

          • Wow, so pretty much just traffic, that surprises me! The air is usually pretty good in Hobart, sometimes a layer of mostly wood-fire smoke or fog will get trapped down on the river but I live above that.

            • So you’ve got a home on a high hill, nice! Just the traffic to the best of my knowledge. We have lots of windstorms during the cooler months with winds up to 70MPH that seem to blow the smog out of the valley, but once in a while we get a big gust front blowing through that can do some real damage. Yet in my ten years here, I’ve never lost electric power!

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