Finding New Trails

On today’s ride, I traveled further south than usual which is about six miles south of my home base. I took 23 iPhone photos on this ride so here is the first set. There are some great views along the way looking to the west, and this tunnel goes under a road that I travel frequently and never knew the tunnel was there and that it’s part of large biking and jogging trails. Surprise! Sunshine and 62F, a perfect day for biking!

6 thoughts on “Finding New Trails

  1. It’s good that you have safe trails to ride on. We have biking/ hiking trails here but of course you are taking your life in your hands to go on them. There are no laws to keep bikers from mowing you down and leaving you laying on the ground, even in our main parks.

    • So if you mow someone down while riding along, they fall and are seriously injured, the biker has no culpability?

    • No, there are thick, concrete-filled pipes at one end of the tunnel with a space large enough to allow small Maint. crews through. It’s part of a long interconnected trail system.

        • It’s a pretty good bet that homeless folk are in the tunnel after dark. Our country should not be like this! Going into the pharmacy today to pick up a scrip, a guy sitting on his ass asked me if I have spare change.

          At the same time, he had a money clip laying in plain view that appeared to be flush with $20 dollar bills. I said to him that it appears that you have money right there. Enter smart-ass comment from this guy here.

          I was pissed and asked the cashier just inside the door to please contact the manager on duty to please deal with this guy.

          On the way out with my package, I noted that this apparently able-bodied young guy was gone. Get a JOB! Stop suckling from the Government Teat! There are Hiring signs all over this city right now.

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