A Ride To Tivoli Village

Today’s ride was a bit less pleasant for lack of sunshine but the temperature was still 61F like yesterday. I am slowly stretching out the distance I ride from home with regard to the battery power. Today, I rode fourteen miles and ended up at Tivoli Village. My regular readers are familiar with this really cool place but it’s not the same without sunshine.

It was a bit annoying riding the skinny sidewalks for portions of the ride in that area though. Along the way, I saw three other eBikes, three discarded masks on the ground, and two broken glass bottles smashed all over the pavement. Humans can be such pigs! Here is the first set of photos from today, the sunset photo was taken very early this morning.

6 thoughts on “A Ride To Tivoli Village

    • Thanks, Ann Marie, I couldn’t get the phone set up soon enough to capture the ducks all in a row crossing the road. The gray sky photo was taken at 16mm, so it’s nice and wide.

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