Everything She Owns

This makes me sad. I was on a six-mile bike ride this afternoon since it’s so beautiful today and saw this woman pushing the shopping cart across a large parking lot. To get the shot, I waited behind a minivan for her to come from behind it. This should not be happening in this country!

I believe that if our government and entities such as NASA which I don’t think is a government entity, stopped spending billions to go to a damn dead world called Mars, and stopped spending billions on better ways to kill people on planet Earth, our sad homeless problem could either be eliminated or at the least, these people around our country could get a Hand Up, not a Hand Out.

The sickening, skewed priorities of those in high places of authority in this country need to be shoved off of their thrones. All people matter no matter their skin color. A dead world billions of miles away from us has zero value to humanity, so what is the point of going there? There is no point!

18 thoughts on “Everything She Owns

  1. I agree John. It’s all so sad, on so many levels. Mars is definitely a big waste of time. I don’t see why humanity wastes money on a different planet when they should just spend that money on our own planet. I guess it’s like the old saying, “The grass is always greener….”

    • The entire idea of going to Mars is ludicrous. When I make a comment like this on Instagram, the haters come out in full force. Why? They are so narrow-minded in my opinion. Think about more important things than visiting what we all know is a dead world. Save the humans!

  2. Yup. It’s crazy how we spend so much money on such stupid things or initiatives sometime. In Ontario our current government is dumping billions of dollars to create a highway that no one wants except for developers. They are paving over miles and miles of green spaces and conservation areas. And for what?! That money would be better served investing in people who actually need it and that it’ll make an actual difference.

    • That sounds totally ignorant! I would think that laws are in place to prevent building roads through conservation areas. Damn greedy developers are a scourge!

  3. Very sad. I cannot imagine but anyone who thinks it could not happen to them is delusional. Our government is a skewed as yours when it comes to priorities.

      • It is our Saskatchewan government that sucks. I don’t agree with everything done in Ottawa but nobody can please everyone (or anyone) all of the time.

        • Oh, OK. That’s the equivalent of our state capital, Carson City, NV. I don’t discuss politics on this site but it has got to do with ridiculous politics. I think they are all ***holes no mater what country you live in…

  4. I see where you’re coming from re Mars, John. In any event, it is wrong that we have so much poverty in a society that seems happy to spend so much on things that don’t matter – we have got our priorities skewed, somewhere along the way.

  5. It is sad. It happens here too, mostly in major cities. There are homeless locally too. We have a 2 soup kitchens that feeds the homeless and supplies basic necessities every week but it’s never enough.

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