The Best Of

Since I am once again out of fresh material today, I dug into my “best of” folder and pulled these out for this morning. There are around thirty photos in that folder that I consider my best or close to it. As best as this amateur photographer can produce! 61F and cloudy is our Las Vegas forecast for this Sunday which compared to many parts of the country back east, is a fabulous forecast. The snowstorms, bitter, deep cold, the freezing rain… No thank you!

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  1. Best of the best…I don’t know how you’d ever choose, your photos are always great! I do love the blues you captured and the silhouettes! It snowed here in WI today, but it’s done already. It’s mighty cold though – I’ll take a shipment of warmer weather if you’re up for mailing me some!

    • Thanks so much, Shelley, you are so kind! I didn’t see snow photos in your post today but that’s good, right? It was 12F again this morning in my Michigan hometown, Nooo thank you! Please give Tizzie a hug for me!

      • You’re welcome! The snow storm came and went within an hour. I didn’t bother to take any photos this time.
        I think we finally got to 12F here this afternoon. It is cold!!
        I will give Tizzie a hug from you – thanks for sending one her way.

        • Awww, your welcome! I’m glad that the storm missed you guys, it must have gone by to your south, 12 degrees is nuts, I haven’t felt that kind of cold in several years now. I’m guessing that you have a 1000 gallon pig for your propane? I haven’t had to fill one in years, and it wasn’t cheap back then.

          • Yes, we’re glad the storm missed us too. We’re mighty thankful for our fireplace to keep it warm in the house so we don’t feel the cold quite as much. I think we have a 750 gallon, but I could be wrong? I just take care of paying for it. We have it on pre-buy and keep full during the heating season.

                • Ha, that’s funny and cool at the same time, Shelley! I was in a store this morning, while checking out I had a quick chat with the gal, she’s about my daughter’s age who I found out is also from Michigan but the next county south of where I lived. It’s a small world! I have met soooo many Michiganders down here in the desert! We are refugees from the bitter cold. 😂😎🌞

                  • 🥰 Wow, that’s cool. You’re right, it’s a small world. My boss and his family have an apartment in Vegas, they travel there often. I do like the photos you share, it may be worth considering to visit sometime! It’s wise to ditch this bitter cold!!

  2. Hey John. All excellent images. I’m about to go into ‘radio silence.’ I’m now way down south in the UK. Had an interesting chat whilst driving between Scotland and England on 2 metres today with chaps in the US who were coming into the repeaters (144 Mhz) digitally. My training course starts tomorrow and I’ll be going into ‘radio silence’ here on the blog until next weekend. Trust you are keeping well. Cheers and beers + 73 – Richard

    • Wow, that’s absolutely amazing on 2 meters! Lots of Tropospheric ducting apparently! I don’t care for the digital thing as applied to repeaters here, it seems so not needed. Be safe way down south!

  3. It has been sleeting and snowing all day here, mostly sleet. Poor Molly is terrified, she has no idea what is going on. Bella is as Bella always is, taking it in stride. I’m glad that my son is off work tomorrow as I fear the roads are going to be a real nightmare.
    But, more importantly, loving your photos as always.

    • That sounds yucky, Rebecca. Been there, done that in Michigan so many times. As a kid, my folks had a Standard Poodle, the sweetest dog ever, but she was absolutely terrified of thunderstorms and fireworks. Poor baby, she would hide in the bathroom under the toilet tank. I hope your son will be safe driving on that slop, best thing to do is just stay home, even if it will cost you a day’s pay. Money is replaceable, he is not.

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