The Shut Up Zone

Along the trail that encompasses Lone Mountain, there are various signs, one area of the trail passes near to a large subdivision, hence the signs that urge you to shut up and not be a loud dipshit like some people are as they navigate the trail. I’ve had some nice chats with folks on the trail too.

The photo of the rock is a small area of the south face of Lone Mountain. In the park, there is a large covered horse-riding arena, hence the sign with the horse on it. Watch out for large piles of horse shit as you walk and ride your bike along the trail! I’m heading out for a ride soon, byeee.

14 thoughts on “The Shut Up Zone

    • I’ll bet you can have a few made up if you do some searching for sign manufacturers. They can be made of plastic too, maybe less costly. My dad had No Trespassing signs made to go all the way around the property in Michigan, they were all plastic.

    • Thanks, Anita, the rock varies so much in color and texture. It will slice you up if your not careful. And happy Sunday to you too! I think you are three hours ahead of me unless Atlantic Canada has a different zone.

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