In The Wash

I snapped these iPhone photos on today’s bike ride. Along this very family-friendly path, there are signs that warn you to not cross certain areas of the path when it’s been raining hard. You may actually be swept away, so pay attention.

Photo three was taken at the bottom of the wash

8 thoughts on “In The Wash

    • Hi Derrick, I have to agree with you. I have never seen a wash actively flooding except on TV and it’s not something you want to tangle with! Millions of gallons of rain water cascading down our rocky mountains around the valley causes flash floods quickly. Las vegas has a major investment in concrete drainage washes to help control the Monsoon rains during our scorching summer months.

    • I agree, but rain is very rare here except for the Monsoon season. Even then, there isn’t much rain the last two years which sucks. Lake Mead is in dire need of water…

      • We get rain here but flooding is rare. We have drainage ditches and overflow areas and I am sure our ground is much different – plus as much as we do get thunder, lightening, and wind, we seldom get sudden heavy downpours.

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