The Church, The Cute Ducks

Aren’t these ducks sooo cute! I stopped to adjust my jacket zipper and these little cuties came waddling over to me. It goes to show how accustomed all of the ducks around this area are too used to being fed by humans…

13 thoughts on “The Church, The Cute Ducks

  1. Did the Divorce turn you away from Church? That’s sad. After my Annulment, I just switched to a different one but I haven’t felt comfortable going since the Pandemic started.

    • The divorce didn’t turn me away from God, I just don’t like the idea of organised religion but of course, there’s nothing wrong with going to church. We are called to be with other believers. I’m also not always comfortable with being among crowds. The church we attended has a 5000 member membership. Some of which live in my neighbourhood.

    • That was quick! The church pastors are a husband and wife team according to the sign out front, I’ve never attended here. Actually, I haven’t attended church since the divorce…

      • Yea that’s when I left. I was sitting with my phone in my hand. I have been talking to my sister but between my vet and her husband we aren’t as available to chat as we thought we were. 😂

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