The Backyard, Winter Look

If you’ve followed this site for a while then you already know what my very minimally landscaped backyard looks like. Nothing has changed since last summer except the hose is on the couch.

The hose has frozen just once this year which proves that the weather does get a wee bit chilly but nothing like the 12F my hometown in Michigan had in the morning a few days ago. No thank you!

Those woodchips have got to be swapped out sometime in the spring or late winter, they look like shit and have tons of leaf debris from the neighbor’s trees and my palm trees. The climate here in winter is very mild which I love.

I processed three of these six photos incorrectly before finally noticing that the HDR settings were wrong. Oops!

10 thoughts on “The Backyard, Winter Look

    • Thank you! It’s tiny but it’s paid for! No snow has made it down to the valley floor yet this winter, but when it does, it spits a half inch or less and is gone super fast which is wonderful. The snow stays in the surrounding mountains where it belongs!

    • Thank you, Anita. I like to sit there under the umbrella in the summer heat sometimes, a light breeze and a cold drink make it tolerable at 110F. !! 😂

  1. It’s always interesting to study your backyard, John. It’s so neat and so cozy. It doesn’t matter that it’s not a big backyard, what matters that its your pride.

    • Haha it is super small, Kaya, but it’s paid for! I do have lots of pride of ownership. I wish my neighbors had as much…

  2. I enlarged the photo of the the woodchips and looked for the leaf debris, and since I couldn’t see a single one, kudos to your high standards and eagle eyes, or shame on me for losing sensitivity for less than an inch thick of leaf debris 😀

    • Thanks! I worked in lawn care and related for 20 years back home in Michigan so I just naturally seem to have an eagle eye for this stuff, there is lots of debris there, and the chips are all dried out too. Time for a change of chips.

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