Walkin’ The Strip 2019

Here are some older clicks for ya this morning when I used the Nikon D3300. Nobody knew what was coming at the world like a freight train out of control in 2019. I haven’t considered doing any photography down there since the virus came along as I find it way too risky even though at this point the Strip is back in operation. You only get one life, right?

Would you like to see more Vegas Strip photos on this site?

4 thoughts on “Walkin’ The Strip 2019

    • I hope you can get back even though the decorations are probably gone. It’s the virus thing that creeps me out, we never know when we could be walking into a hot bed of virus!

    • We agree! I’ll have to do some resarch into the parking situation. It’s always in issue, and my usual parking area in an open-air lot may not be available now. Thanks for your input, Ann Marie. ☺️

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