The Build Never Ends

Every square foot of buildable land gets a home of other buildings on it. New homes will be built where these rigs are at. And I wonder if there are enough jobs to go around to pay for these homes? 59F and sunshine are on tap for Las Vegas today while it’s currently 12F in my Michigan hometown. I’m happy to be here in Las Vegas!

12 thoughts on “The Build Never Ends

    • That’s a good point! They have been working at this site for several months now, just to install the pipes under what will be the road into the little subdivision. one lane of the road has been blocked off occasionally, I don’t see why it takes these folks so long to bury pipes!

  1. Pretty clear blue sky. It is like that up here with the building too. Lots of new apartment buildings that are supposed to be “affordable.” What a misleading word that is!

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