8 thoughts on “Moon Mouth

  1. I read an historic account written shortly after the Civil War where a house wren found a human skull on the ground and made a nest in it. The bird house in this post kinda reminded me of that grim happening and how birds and other animals make use of what is available. In another instance, I found a sparrow nest after a storm. It had been above a door at the factory where I was in QA, and it served as an example of how “good enough” in quality sometimes is pretty shabby. The sparrow had lined the nest with tossed cigarette butts! It was a nest, of course, suitable for containing the eggs and babies, but what a poor choice of building materials.

    • That poor bird! The nest must have stunk like nicotine. And a skull is a creepy choice but the bird has zero idea that it’s raising it’s babies in a cranial cavity. Eewww!

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