45 Degree Palm Tree

It’s too cold this morning! I have no new content so I just took the iPhone to the backyard and snapped the palm tree with the beautiful blue sky. The other photo is the glass block window seen in negative in the kitchen which shows the age of my home which is 26 years. Sunny and 63F is the forecast for Las Vegas today but it will cool down just a bit the next few days. I’m excited for the warmer weather to return, remember those 11oF days seen on this blog?

10 thoughts on “45 Degree Palm Tree

  1. Ah ha! I see you are getting into digital manipulation too! Always interesting to see how images turn out when they are seriously abused!

    • Oh yes! I don’t use Photoshop, it’s always been too confusing for me. I have other apps to mess up my photos…😂

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