Thai Larb Chicken

This was my lunch today with my new biking friend. I’ve never had Thai food before and man on man was this so delicious! So spicy, it left my lips and tongue scorched which I love. My friend had (I don’t know the name) but it’s spinach with batter on it and it was sooo delicious too!

It came with a very thin chili sauce for dipping which was also very spicy. I’m sold and will visit this restaurant again not because the food is delicious, but it’s also a “mom and pop” restaurant which I always want to support. We ate outside on the patio, but the interior of this place is very beautifully decorated. Yum!

10 thoughts on “Thai Larb Chicken

    • Hi Susanne, I’m not familiar with the star thing but it must have been an 8 on the 10 scale! 😂🔥

        • Please do what tastes great to you! Respect. I make my chili at home so hot that my lips and tongue continue to feel the heat several minutes after I’ve washed the bowl an spoon and put them away! 🤩😂🔥

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