Russian Vodka

As you can see in the somewhat redundant photos, I had a great 14-mile ride today in just a T-shirt. No jacket or sweater, nice! The bike ran perfectly as usual and will get its every third ride cleanup tonight when it’s done recharging. Now, about that Russian vodka: I was on the way home and came upon two older, very chubby men that were loud and boisterous.

The biggest guy was on the left and was waving his arms everywhere as he kept yapping about Russian vodka. OK, go find some, big boy! I think the man was actually Russian though based on his very sharp accent, English is not his first language. I rang the little bell as I approached the men, a courtesy I like to follow while riding so as to not scare the shit out of people as I pass.

I passed the drunken Russian to his left, and he damn near bumped into me as he waddled and wabbled along. Now here’s the pisser – He shouted at me that I am lazy because I ride an electric bike! Seriously, round boy? I thought to myself, who’s riding the bike and getting exercise and not drunk on anything?

I can understand why some folks will assume that riders of eBikes are lazy but frankly, I don’t believe that. These bikes are way way more fun to ride than a standard bicycle. I am not lazy and actually do need the assistance because of medical conditions. Something that rude people such as round boy here are incapable of understanding, especially when all sauced up on alcohol.

I’m the kind of person who very much dislikes loud, boisterous people. More so when a drunken asswipe. So, what was my response after passing them and hearing this crap being shouted at me? The middle finger on my left hand rose skyward which prompted one or both of these guys to shout even more. Stupidity begets stupidity, boys… No, I shouldn’t have flipped them off but it was so offensive!

Inside The Visitor Center

This is the first set of photos of the displays inside the visitor center yesterday, there are way too many placks for me to have taken photos of so I selected a few random choices. It wasn’t busy even on a Sunday which was nice. The staff was super nice and informative too. Being a federal building I had to wear a mask since the fed hasn’t dropped the mask mandate so I was given a new mask.

A Visit To The Desert National Wildlife Refuge

Since today has been in the 60s and little wind, I decided to jump on the 95 freeway northbound and visit this federally-funded location. While there, I saw plenty of dry scrub brush and the flowing water from the natural springs that flow through this area. As usual, I took way too many photos but here is the first set. I picked up a cool T-shirt and cap in the visitor center too.  I hope you like this first set of photos!

Read more about the Wildlife Refuge.

Desert Road To The Wall

The road turns south eventually and heads for Blue Diamond Road which can take you back to Las Vegas, or turn right and you’ll climb to 6000 feet over the pass and head for Pahrump, Nevada. It’s 37 degrees right now, my furnace just popped on and Vegas will see around 63 degrees today which isn’t too bad I guess. Warm enough for a bike ride for a change. This blog has never been about politics in any way, but I want to say that I stand with Ukraine. Putin is the new Adolph Hitler. Pure evil that spreads like the coronavirus.

Testing A New Photo Application

This afternoon I purchased the Nik software collection. This is very different than what I am used to but I understand most of the settings from using other software for a long time. I made these up in a few minutes just to get a feel for how the software works, More to come of course!

Pinto Beans!

I love Pinto Beans but have never made my chili with three cans, it’s usually one can and two cans of dark red kidney beans. I used a yellow onion this time, I usually use white onions. And, I picked up a new container of chili powder from a manufacturer I’ve never tried so I hope the chili is still good.

Oh, I also added ground turkey this time and omitted the tomato paste as a thickening agent, I’ll report the outcome haha! But it has six hours in the crockpot to go.