More Of Today’s Random Clicks

Here are the last photos from today using the new telephoto lens, I hope that you like these.

11 thoughts on “More Of Today’s Random Clicks

  1. Telephoto is really fun. Do you find it gives the effect of mountains being closer than they are? In the ice skating photo of Lake Louise in our last post we really felt that.

    • Absolutely! A recent photo I took is looking west at the mountains just west of my place. One of them is 5000 feet, but the 18-140mm lens makes those mountains look HUGE! 😂

    • Thanks! I was actually sitting in the truck waiting to get out of the gas station lot and saw this, click! Liking my new telephoto lens.

    • Thank you, Lavinia! Locally, the closer mountains are called the Summerlin Peaks, the other is Frenchman Mountain on the east side of the valley. The Summerlin Peaks are easily seen at the end of my culdisac.

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