Today’s Random Clicks

This morning, I had to meet my biking friend at a sporting goods store to look at some brain buckets of which I am now the proud owner of a black bucket to match my black bike. I don’t like wearing helmets, but it’s better than a concussion or worse. Anyway, I had to get a few more photos with the new Nikkor 18-140mm lens.

I almost drove out of town to get some landscape photos, but we have another high wind advisory in effect until late tomorrow with possible gusts to 60 miles per hour. Not abnormal or unusual here during the winter months. I really didn’t want to try for nice photos while freezing my behind off!

8 thoughts on “Today’s Random Clicks

    • Well, there is no helmet law here for motorcycles, probably none for bicycling either. California makes you wear a helmet on bicycles? That’s BS but I’m not surprised either.

    • Hi Lavinia, thanks! A gal I met while riding my bike a couple of weeks ago liked my electric bike so much that we went to the same place I bought mine at, she bought the same model, but a different color. She was very insistent that I wear a helmet as she is a retired nurse and has seen too many head injuries from not wearing a helmet. I thought, yeah, she has a good point…

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