I Forgot The SD Card

I decided to head out of town to try the new telephoto lens on the Nikon Z50 and found out well after I left home that I had forgotten to put the damn SD card back in the Nikon. What a pisser! So, the entire set of seventy or so photos came from the iPhone 12 today. On the way home, I stopped at a store that has SD cards and purchased one to keep in the glovebox so that this won’t happen again. Dammit! I hope you enjoy this one-minute video and photos.

10 thoughts on “I Forgot The SD Card

  1. hahaha I did something like that once! I was trying to take a photo and thought my camera was broke. My husband checked it out and said you forgot to put the battery back in! lol Man we all have those days

    • That sucks, oops! That expensive SD card in my glovebox will stop that from happening again, but I don’t have an extra battery…

    • I agree, Sylivia. These little guys would probably eat from my hand but I won’t risk needing a rabies injection! People feed them everything which isn’t good for them. All I had were peanuts and that’s not totally good either…

    • Thanks, Anneli! I think that if I had the guts to try it, the squirrels would eat from my hand, but I don’t want to have to make a trip to the hospital for a rabies shot!

      • Yes, don’t be tempted. I did that with my squirrels and got bitten in the thumb, just because it was afraid. I worried about rabies for quite a while, but I was okay. I’m smarter now.

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