She Is The Sunshine

Eating my breakfast while sitting on the couch this morning, I noticed the sunshine slowly traveling across the fireplace mantle and grabbed the Nikon. Gotcha, daughter! She was very young when this photo was taken. Good morning, friends! Just 54 sunny degrees today, but next week Las Vegas will be back in the lower seventies which sounds wonderful to me! Folks I talk to through the day are also ready for the summer heat to return! 110, here we come! 🔥

12 thoughts on “She Is The Sunshine

  1. Beautiful photograph, and also the compostion that you did is beautiful too. Thank you, Love, nia

    • Bingo, you got that right! And just two minutes or so later, the photo op had vanished. Poof as the earth turns!

    • Thanks, Rebecca! Vegas may see the low 70s next week, I sure hope so. That change seems about on time too. February can be the month that our temps begin to rise again, yes! I’ve had enough of this 50 degree weather. Tired of riding the bike in the cold. I hope your area gets a nice warming trend soon.

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