Biking With The Nikon

Good afternoon from Sin City. Today, I decided to take the Nikon and the new telephoto lens with me to take some new photos with it since I forgot to put the damn SD card back in the camera yesterday.

No landscape photos from Calico Basin and environs. I can see a large difference in image clarity and colors using the Nikon, but the iPhone 12 does a hell of a job.

Sixty-one degrees and sunshine with very little wind made today the perfect day for a fifteen-mile ride! I even got some chat time in with my dad along the way with a few texts.

I did have to hop on and off of the bike far more than usual though but that’s not a big deal. I hope you enjoy the photos.

6 thoughts on “Biking With The Nikon

    • Thank you so much, AnneMarie! Such a beautiful day, I hadn’t had the bike out for two or three days. So nice to be back out there, and I came upon some fellow eBikers too, a nice couple who love their electric bikes too. I got the left-hand mirror on finally, and have it adjusted properly, so much safer and also wore my new brain bucket for the first time…

        • I hope so, that would be a great way to meet a lovely lady! I feel odd wearing the helmet but it’s just a very good idea. We grew up wearing them and survived but…

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