Shallow Water

The three man-made lakes you see in my photos are not very deep, I estimate they could be six feet or so and have an odd color too. I’d like to know how deep they are, and why the water has this greenish color? I’m color blind so maybe it isn’t green. A few more photos from yesterday using the Nikon. Sunny and 63 very windy degrees are on tap today, possibly too windy for biking too which sucks.

10 thoughts on “Shallow Water

  1. We have some HOV lanes that are meant for 2+ people here in Ontario, but many drivers don’t even bother to follow the rules, especially when the traffic is terrible. We went away for the weekend and on the drive back home we saw someone behind us in the HOV lane with no other passenger in their car.

    • Three plus, that’s better than two, right? I assumed the the US is the only country that has these lanes. I stay out of them.

      • My very first experience was when we moved to the other side of the state. I wondered why all these dumb drivers where happy to stay in a traffic jam. I pulled out and flew past only to discover that afternoon why I had an empty lane. So embarrassing. I would have been the target of some nasty comments and I was fortunate there wasn’t any police to fine me. No cameras either back then. phew.

  2. I was told once that it’s simply because the water is shallow that it’s green. The light can penetrate it better. The Atlantic is also green for the same reason. The Pacific Ocean is very deep so it’s a dark shade of blue.

  3. I remember hearing stories about the HOV lanes. When they first showed up some people would put a mannequin in the passenger seat so they could use the 2 + people lane by them selves. Takes all kinds it seems.

    • LOL!! I’ve heard of this and saw a video of a cop pulling a woman over who had a dummy in the front seat with her. I see people using the HOV lanes by themselves, really!! Your gonna get fined!

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