Homeless On The Bonanza Trail

Today I added twenty miles to the new bike, a record for me you can say. I’ve been pushing the outbound distance from home out further a bit at a time. I’ve been riding the Bonanza Trail. Sadly, I came upon this tent and another sleeping place beyond it on the left. The tent appeared to be empty, I feel so sad for these people.

Only they know how they landed in this situation. I also feel a bit angry because this shit shouldn’t be happening in this country, should it? Further on down the trail and not in a tunnel, I came upon a young woman who was all wrapped up in a large comforter and sound asleep very directly next to the concrete trail I was riding.

People were walking their dogs and so forth as they passed by this woman. Again, it’s so sad! I sincerely wish that I could do something for these people that would really, actually help them. A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out! I’m sure that the homeless choose Las Vegas for its very mild year-round climate too.

All of this sad stuff aside, today was a perfect day for a long bike ride, and the bike performed perfectly the entire trip. Tonight, it will get a good spiffing up!

16 thoughts on “Homeless On The Bonanza Trail

  1. Congrats on reaching a new record for distance travelled on your bike. Homeless people are a big issue in Toronto as well. I feel sorry for them too, perhaps even more so during the winter when it’s freezing cold outside. It doesn’t seem to be a huge priority for government.

    • Thank you! Next ride, it will hit 500 miles. No government anywhere seems to give a care about these people when in some instances, they are in the best position to help. So wrong!

    • Sadly it’s everywhere. Our government can spend billions on so many things, but can’t help OUR PEOPLE? Sickening!

    • I can’t speak for Canadians of course, but our government is such a joke. They or it spend billions on everything under the sun but can’t help We The People? They have forgotten about us and our Constitution.

      • You are not alone. Our government is alternately self-serving or ineffectual. We watch your news and it seems our left can’t wait to follow yours over the cliff.

        • Oh my gosh, Anneli, that’s so terrible! America has in my view, seen her best days. Is this what we get for separating from Mother England? And how old is England?

          I am a bit fond of the UK, and have never been there!

          How can you view our rotten so-called news? I’d love to watch some in-depth Canadian news. I used to listen to RCI, or Radio Canada International all the time on shortwave radio until I assume Ottawa pulled the funding in favor of internet broadcasting. It’s all about the dollars and cents.

          They saved the taxpayers millions of dollars in doing so, but shortwave radio is a heck of a lot more dependable than the internet! The transmitter site located in Sackville, NB was dismantled three or four years ago.

          I saw the photos, and to a licensed ham radio operator since 1980, radio towers laying on the ground and abandoned transmitter housings are a sad thing to see!

          That extra money should be allocated for helping the people of Canada. 🇨🇦❤️

          • All our TV news is left wing, so you only get the Liberals’ slant and some of it outright lies. We don’t watch it except to hear the latest propaganda and be aware. The days of being able to discuss opinions rationally are gone – at least for the time being. If you don’t agree with them, you get cancelled. The truckers’ GoFundMe money was “frozen” and was supposedly on its way to an opposing group – millions of dollars. I think they may have been forced to backtrack on that theft. Anyway, let’s not debate this topic here. I know it will upset half the population.

            • I don’t know about trucker money but it’s all left wing trash. Why we don’t have a Liberal party I don’t understand but why not call themselves the Communist Party? Politics are HATE!

  2. I wonder if humanity will ever find an answer. Studies show that many who end up in these situations suffer from mental illness. But they are treated by society and authorities as if they live that life by choice. Do they really have the capacity to make the choices they would make if they were provided with mental healthcare? 😢

    • That’s a great point, Annemarie! Honestly, I sincerely believe that the only solution for this and so much more is the return of Jesus Christ. He has the answers! 🙏🏻❤️

      • I believe he does but he gave every man, woman, and child freewill so he can’t really keep coming back and fixing us. We need to get our poop together and find a way to fix our collective issues. 🙄

        • Wow. Such a wonderful comment, AnneMarie! Maybe He can and does, or not. But, we won’t know until He calls us home.

          • I saw a video on you tube lately. It was an East Indian preacher and he said Christ is like a coach – he can teach and guide and train us, but once we get in the game he has to leave it up to us to play it. (I am paraphrasing but it made sense to me when I heard it.)

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