Sleeping On The Bridge

Once again, I came across a homeless person sleeping in a tent, this time the tent was on a pedestrian bridge over Summerlin Parkway. The man was apparently fully asleep, I just rode slowly on by feeling sad for this man. Why Lord? The other photo is of course a Bible verse near the front entrance of a large church and school. I did fifteen miles today and took a different way off of the usual trails I ride which means riding sidewalks occasionally. It’s so beautiful today with the low 70s and sunshine, yet another beautiful day in Las Vegas Valley! Sin City does have redeeming values…

8 thoughts on “Sleeping On The Bridge

  1. I think we don’t realise how many people are homeless and have to live their live in such a way….
    Now and then we are confronted with them, in parks, cities and even like you did, under a bridge.

    • Hi Marie! It’s probably the better time of year for biking, we’ll see how it is when the summer heat returns. 🔥🌴

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