Building A Building

The new building and crane in one photo is the next phase of office space going up in Downtown Summerlin near the new ballpark and should be ready in just a few weeks. The hole in the roof in the other photos isn’t a hole of course but looked cool. The spire is easily seen for a long way off.

16 thoughts on “Building A Building

    • The website is talking it up big time, The original building is called One Summerlin so I assume this will be Two Summerlin. The crane is fascinating to watch, all of that weight being lifted skyward!

      • Just don’t stand too close, John. What goes up can always come down. 😮 (We watch engineering disaster shows on The History Channel and The Discovery Channel).

        • I do too, Engineering Catastrophes is a good show. I didn’t know that you can get those channels in Canada but what do I know! My cable company doesn’t seem to have any Canadian programming.

          • I think that is become the majority of programming done is done in the States. You may have seen Canadian shows and just not realized they were based in Canada. We have Shaw Direct so a lot of our channels are American.

            • OK, thanks for the info. I looked at my cable company channel line up, it doesn’t seem to have any Canadian content.

              • There could be individual programs on American networks. And I know some American shows film episodes in Canada. Like that show about lottery winners looking to buy new homes. I don’t remember what it is called.

                    • I can be hopeless with both – even with some ‘real’ people. When I lived across the city with my ex, there was a woman who lived across the street from us. Her kid went to school with our kids. We were friendly-ish. But I would meet up with her anywhere else and I was totally clueless. She would come up to me in a store, or restaurant, or some event – I drew a complete blank. 🤷

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