The Busy 215 Freeway

Here are some photos and one short video of the very busy 215 freeway which is a beltway that wraps around the city. The iPhone photos of the rocks were taken on the one-mile loop around Lone Mountain, some very ancient rock. I may be three-for-three on this, but heading home I came across yet another homeless person.

This time, it was an elderly woman just laying on the concrete very close to a four-lane road. I swung the bike around and carefully approached. I asked if she was OK. She sat up and said yes, she is OK, just getting some sleep. I thought about calling the police but didn’t since this person seemed coherent.

Once again, it’s such a damn sad thing to see happening to these people. Only they know how they ended up in these situations. Mental illness, alcohol abuse, or a combination of several things, we will never know. I’ve seen three homeless people in about as many days, there must hundreds if not thousands of homeless in Las Vegas.

9 thoughts on “The Busy 215 Freeway

  1. I am glad that woman was ok. I can’t imagine how people living on the streets survive our winters but somehow they do. It is so strange that these people live what seems to be such hard lives (I am pretty sure I wouldn’t last a day much less a night on the streets) but they do not/ can not build better lives for themselves. It seems they must be pretty resourceful to survive out there.

    • In a northern climate it must be incredibly difficult! Our winters are mild enough here that they won’t freeze with the right clothing. These people live in the large concrete drainage channels too, in summer, they are at great risk if the monsoons bring a major downpour. The police will run them out for their own safety.

  2. The trouble is that many of those homeless people don’t want to change their lifestyle. Maybe they feel so defeated that it seems hopeless to try. I don’t know.

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