Blue Sky Over Summerlin

Here are a few more photos from Downtown Summerlin the other day. It’s 77F just now and not a cloud in the sky do of course I headed out for a bike ride. It’s so nice to ride without a sweater and jacket on! I rode another sixteen miles under the beautiful blue sky. Tomorrow, Las Vegas Valley will see sunshine and 70 degrees, wonderful!

16 thoughts on “Blue Sky Over Summerlin

    • Thanks, these are California Barrel cactus, beautiful and they have a wonderful defense mechanism, you don’t dare touch them!

  1. Your biking is getting longer and longer and that is great, John.
    Beautiful, sunny downtown! And it seems almost the beginning of summer. By the way, we are having right now fifty degrees and it feels so nice after freezing cold days.

    • Thanks, Kaya! Spring will come to your area soon. I was just looking online about higher Voltage and Amp Hour batteries for this bike. To “upgrade” this system would mean changing several components of the bike’s systems. No thanks, a better solution is to simply purchase an extra battery. The problem is, where to stow the extra battery when underway? A ride to the Strip and back home would be almost a full-day ride if not a full day.

    • Thanks, they are Caly barrel cactus. There’s a sign nearby that says Warning on it and to stay away. No kidding? πŸ˜‚

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