More Photos From Downtown Summerlin

At this time, this blog has 6100+ posts, and 33, 700 comments. And, 248,730 people have visited the blog too, decent stats in my opinion. I’m really liking the new Nikon 18-140mm telephoto lens I picked up last week, so much so that the 16-50mm lens the Nikon Z50 came with has not been put back on the body. 18mm is a nice wide-angle setting while zooming out to 140mm really pulls things in nicely. Thanks, Nikon and Nikkor!

9 thoughts on “More Photos From Downtown Summerlin

    • Thanks! The escalator was a random shot, the Nikon was in-hand so click! I have to eyeball one specific step before I can step on it. The edges of those stair are very sharp metal!

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