Speed Humps and Trail Connectors

Just three iPhone photos from today’s sixteen-mile ride on the Bonanza and Lone Mountain trails. It looks like I’ll be off of the Bonanza trail for a few days though. Today was another great day for biking with full sunshine and almost zero wind with 75 degrees. Basically, the same forecast is up for tomorrow but with more clouds.

Tuesday will see highs only in the upper fifties though. In one of three tunnels today, I saw one homeless tent which really sucks. climbing upward on the ramp out of one tunnel, an old fart headed right at me and turned right just before we collided. Dumbass! And I really think he meant to do it too.

And, coming down the ramp from a bridge crossing over the road, another guy damn near rammed me. What the hell? Wake the heck up and pay attention or get off the bike paths! Las Vegas is full of idiots both on the road driving and while riding bikes too! In Michigan, it’s car-deer collisions, here it’s dumbbell humans!

12 thoughts on “Speed Humps and Trail Connectors

  1. There are space cadets everywhere you go. It does make you wonder why they are even biking, driving or walking without bothering to pay attention. It’s not only a danger to themselves, but other people around them.

  2. Dang, John! You better get one of those mesh reflective safety vests if you don’t already have one. There are nothing but idiots driving these days, it seems.

    • I thought about that but decided I don’t want it. In both instances, I was the person paying attention and avoided a collision. You’ve got to be extremely vigilant riding in these conditions. Car traffic, intersections, pushing the button to cross the road and so on. Always be on the defensive as with driving my truck. Gladly, the bike trails take you long distances traffic-free but sometimes they are actually sidewalks for short distances.

  3. We were leaving a store this afternoon and a woman came flying into the parking lot – coming straight at us in our lane and not about to get out of it. She stopped a foot in front of us and Dan had to drive around her.

    • Wow, I’m glad that you guys are OK! She would fit right in here with her lack of driving skills. Go to the local DMV and surrender your license!

        • That’s scary! I remember my drivers education training in 1977.

          The guy was nice but the car was so weird, it was an old Buick that had an extra brake pedal on the passenger side for him to use!

          I see drivers education cars around here fairly frequently, stay away from them! 😂

          • My kids all took drivers training but then they needed to practice with an adult. Dan did the adulting with my daughter but I got to deal with it for my sons. Good times. 😳

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